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Chaos Sonic Chapter 3 Update

Posted by knuxrouge - December 28th, 2009

I'll be honest, when I said Ch3 was back in business, that only particularly meant that, thanks to an swf decompiler, I was able to recover an extremely small portion of my original project, I was still low in morale to continue the project and I even considered cancelling it.
This was also because of the costs I had to endure through getting a makeshift copy of my original project back, for one, it was bugged up the ass. Every element in my library had it's own item, literally multiplying the number of objects I had in my original movie, and I'm comparing it to my 80% complete copy that I lost, I ended up with over 5000 items in my library, each button had an object in it and each object had a bitmap in it, even if it was just text. The Text boxes were expanded, the sounds were ruined, delayed and all attempts at balancing them so they won't sound stupidly loud were gone. My MCs were ruined as well, every character sprite had their own bitmap to it, to when it came to a point where I had to take stuff from other chapters.
I still have the original fla to Ch1 and I managed to decompile Ch2 (with the same bugs of course) for resource purposes.

It might actually be easier to just remake the MCs from scratch.
I'll have a lot to (re)make and then some.

I had to replace some music and most sound effects I had and rebalance them. I'll have to get my text boxes (in the movie) right, might be a good opportunity to make a new one, there are different styles of the same one, might get the opportunity to make some more, or I can just take the original one from Ch1 with no sweat and keep going.

To add, (not really a flash related issue), most of the fonts I were using in Ch3 weren't on my new computer, so I had to download some and replace the others with close equivalents, I had to experiment and change text around like mad. This took 2 hours alone.

All and all, it took me roughly 3 hours without breaks to fix all the bugs and errors in the new fla, I had to move most of the crap in my Library into a "Bulk" category and I think it'll be a good idea to abandon it completely from here on.

On that note however, I have some good news.
I got the Adobe Master Collection CS4 for Christmas, so after 3 years of being behind on the Flash software, I'm now up to date, I'm still toying around with it, but it's pretty solid. I now have Flash CS4, as well as plenty of other stuff that I have no clue how to use. Assuredly, this has gotten me interested back into Chaos Sonic, my interest in Flash has went up and I am getting back into it, I finished refining the Title Screen and Menus, next I'm going to, step by step, rebuild the chapters and chapter elements, get the music back for the chapters and get some new MCs going. Perhaps improve.
It's gonna be a minute before I get things off the ground, but I may get things going by the end of the week if I'm uninterrupted.

In any case, I'm back into Chaos Sonic and Ch3 is (for real this time) back in business.

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yay! need any raw material?

I can always use raw material.

That's the 3rd time I've seen that post from thespammer in the last 15 minutes.

Glad to hear you've got your motivation back.

Glad to have it back.

ask me and I'll see if I have it

Give me a small list of a few things you have so I'll have an idea of what to ask for.

When is out?


Chaos Sonic Chapter 3

What about it?

I want to see Chaos Sonic Chapter 3.

You will.