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This was really funny.
If the game's story was constructed by the screenwriters to Ren & Stimpy.

Very nice work here.

golfinho responds:



Hey there, nice flash you have going.

Some tips.
Story: ugh, you just sorta threw it in my face, there was no build up, and everything seemed random, it would have been nice to know what was going, such as seeing scene of Station Square being overrun by Androids or something to build up to it. If it was just one movie showing off a fight scene, it wouldn't be that bad, but you're apparently constructing a series here, story is important, work on your build ups, timing and dramatic pauses. You execution was really sloppy.

Animation: I found it awkward how the screen jolted between characters during dialouge, it could have easily transitioned normally and it would have felt more comfortable. The fight scene was superb, but got repetitive, it was going a bit too fast to appreciate anything, not that speed is bad, but again, work on your dramatic pauses.

Concept: Not much to work for since the plot was spat out like it was, but one tip I can give you is to make sure that you capture the character's personality, that was one of the biggest kudos I received when making Chaos Sonic, we don't necessarily need rage induced Androids or Sonic cursing so often. The Android could have no spoken a word, it would have been more understandable that he was fake and it would have been much better for the story in terms of timing when the real Shadow made his entry.

Make your next movie longer, divide it into scenes, it will be much more enjoyable. Make a title screen and a menu, add some stuff to make the watching experience only apart of it. Try to get a logo, you'll appear more organized and respectable as a flash artist.

A nice flash, but it's super rough around the edges, work on those kinks and you'll have a really good flash.
Take care.

"Not bad, in fact I liked it"

Oh, you may want to try and stray from the DBZ theme, God knows that approach has been done to death.

zarados responds:

Story = There is a reason there's no build up. I have planned this out already. No one knows my plans except my friend's mentioned in the credits. I'm not trying to sound like an ignorant fag and I'm taking some of your stuff into consideration, stuff I haven't already planned.

Concept = This is in the future and in this Story line Sonic has gone through ALOT. The reason he cusses is because he returned from.......well... I'm not spoiling anything major. If the Android didn't speak Sonic wouldn't have believed it was Shadow for the doctors plan to work.

Thanks for your comments and consideration.

Take care.


And lots of it!

You seem to have what it takes to rise to notable lengths. Your FPS was on point, I liked the fight scene in general (although a bit out done and overly used), You made competent use of your effects and animations (loved the background when they were falling, shows that you know your stuff and are willing to make the full effort). The biggest downside is that you had no music, and your special effects were a bit small in amount.
Aside from that, great work. I'd love to see you improve.


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This is the easiest game ever

All you have to do is take the mouse off the screen and just watch the action in the background.
Next time, offer more positions and a more difficult game concept.

Great, but needed more effort.

As a sprite animator, I did like this tutorial, there are alot of sprite flashes in which people enjoy doing horrible jobs, thus giving sprite flash movies a bad name.
This was good and being a Sonic fan I thank you for the obvious. The only off side is that it was too straight forward. And it didn't cover everything on sprite flash animation. It was good and much needed for those who like doing sprite animation.

chunkycheese12 responds:

thanks! in my further turorials i am going to spend a LOT more time into them. Glad u like sonic. You're a good person :P

its not working

I did what you said and when i open the movie, it just shows the first frame of the movie clip--it won't even play the movie. When I right-click and stop it it shows it in progress, but when I play it, its just the same thiong stated above.

Whats wrong?

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You know...

I've been considering going into 8 bit song production, my forte is classic, but being a megaman fan and a huge admirer of the songs therein, there has been a voice wanting me to do 8-bit, you're furthering that inspiration.

I think I may even download this.
Very well done.

meow, my back itches

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/321660

superuberinsaneausm responds:

thanks, its nice to inspire.

Likes what I hears

You have it, I enjoyed your little start up, I imagine it could have surged out a bit more with different pianos, a harp and probably an organ into a "stormy" sort of feel, but considering your rhythm and aim at the song, it probably would not have fit. The background is too hollow, a simple background string would have been good to cover that up, a slow song playing in the background, and if you focused the melody to revolve around that, you would have came up with a song that bounces heads. All and all it's not bad, your breaks in pace sort of gotten repetitive, after twice it should have picked up again in my opinion, and to better capitalize on it, you could have sort of composed a new rhythm from that and returned to your original.

Instrument-wise, I don't see any real issues other than the lack thereof. Very nice work.


This'd go in the flash if it wasn't already used in others.
I like the aggressiveness of it. Great with a medium takeback.
Very nice work.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks knux.

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I really like your shading. It does seem to capture the proper manga feel.
Your background is nice as well, did you draw that out too? I suppose the only issue I have is the footing. The thug on the right (lets call him thug2) is the same height and size as the thug on the left (thug1), but judging by their foot position, thug2 is closer to the action than thug1, yet he looks no bigger in terms of relative distance. Perhaps if his image was bigger to properly portray that he's closer, or move him up a little to put him on even ground with thug1.
I'm assuming your protagonist(?) is airborne, so his hand at the bottom is acceptable. Otherwise there'd be the same issues.

Very nice work.

Finale responds:

hey thanks for the review. I see what you are saying. I tried my best to get the perspective right, but I did mess up there.

I love the design you used.

It does have that "Sonic" feel.

Not bad

Takes me back to when I did Sonic fan art.

Ima omoeba seikai nado nakute Tada, kokoro no mama ni. Kokoro no mama ni. Kimi ga tatoeba inakunatta toshite Sore demo boku no sekai wa tsuduku darou.

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