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2010-03-29 02:43:10 by knuxrouge

I've been neglecting my music fans for quite some time now news-wise.

Well, I've been pressed hard with Chaos Sonic, so I haven't been able to produce much music.

However, I have one song finished and ready for upload, and several songs in the list of projects.

They are all Megaman.

Finished Product: Whistle Concert from MM 3

Unfinished project: Chill Man's stage from MM 10

Future projects:
Solar Man's stage from MM 10
Sheep Man's stage from MM 10
Bubble Man's stage from MM 2 ~ detailed cover
Wily's final stage from MM 10

What can I say, MM 10 has very great music, in a way, it surpasses 9.
To elaborate, Bubble man's stage will assume the format of my unfinished (and delayed, not cancelled) Sonic Act 3 album, with more originality put into it, not just a simple cover.

To my Chaos Sonic fans, this does not at all mean, that I'm slacking on CS.
It will be done in time for summer vacation, I'll try to meet that deadline.


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2010-04-07 17:02:16

When is now percentage in Chaos Sonic chapter 3?

knuxrouge responds:

Still 60.

I've been very busy with school, I can't give a lot of time into other projects, even my music at the moment.


2010-04-19 14:17:15

Now is all 60% or no.

knuxrouge responds:

I will update if any significant progress is made.
Now please, stop asking me.


2010-04-24 15:33:17

Pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes!

knuxrouge responds:



2010-05-13 17:09:44

Where is the new post and Chaos Sonic 3?
It's May. All 60%

knuxrouge responds:

I told you, I'd update if any progress was made.
No stop asking about it.


2010-05-16 18:50:26

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2010-06-12 18:00:25

Me want Searchman theme

knuxrouge responds:

I'll look into it.
Super Busy at the moment. I'll be posting an update soon.


2010-07-10 01:25:03

I hate to totally deviate on a tangent to the news post's topic, but you appear to be a substantially better artist than most of the masses here.
Would you like to be scouted?

PM me about it, mmkay?


2011-10-20 06:20:29

Thank fuck you've left Newgrounds, you were a dick


2011-12-12 19:52:00

Oh, hey. I remember you.