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Newgrounds: The Hidden Faq.

Posted by knuxrouge - January 3rd, 2008

For a while there has been questions concerning Newgrounds and/or Newgrounds members, these questions are repetative as people don't generally know what they are asking (and how many times its been asked). Use this Faq along with the NG Faq and the NG Faq II.

So, it will be my pleasure to explain and answer these questions.
Special Thanks goes to absent, for the proper edits.

1. How can I change my username?
You can't. Here is the official post for it.
So, if you don't like your username, then you shouldn't have put it in when you registered.

2. How can I delete my account?
You can't. If you no long desire to be a NG user, just leave. To make sure you don't return, change your password to something random - one that you won't remember. Delete your favorites, your news posts, etc.

3. How do I make a flash movie/music?
For flash, go to Adobe.com. Just register and download the free trial.
For Music, Audio Sticky > Studios and Editors, but I recommend Fruity Loops. You can find the latest FL program at FL Studios.com. Download the trial version and get started! Note that with the trial version, you can't save, but you can still export you song.
For further help, look to the Tuorials section of the flash collections, or the NG search engine

4. What is "Verge of Death"
This is the biggest oppurtunity to recieve a Blam Point. You will see a submission on the "Verge of Death" when it is highlited in red, this means that so many users did not like this submission and the flash will be blammed literally in a matter of seconds, if you want a Blam Point, you better work fast.
In any case this is not a absolute explanation as the system of a "Verge of Death" is unknown. I will contact an admin to make sure and get a clear answer.

5. Why am I banned from submitting flash?
As stated here if you submit 2 flashes within a 30 day period and they both get blammed, you are banned for 15 days from submitting flash.
You also may have broken the rules of content when submitting a flash.
If your ban falls outside these reasons, you can contact WadeFulp and see if you can find out why.

6. Why are there so many ads here?
So the site can stay free.

If you have any questions that fall outside the NG Faq, ask here and they will be answered, as fast as I can get the info.

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lol so im not the only 1 tht pays attention to this sorta stuff
go figure ^.^


Lol, RigAudio changed his name to Rig by asking Tom Fulp in a PM that also had information about his prize in a competition, he had to read that, but most of the time, you won't get a response.

I know someone as well named Trunks2 who changed his name to Aurion using the same method, absent dissuaded me to include that in the Faq, to prevent the flood of users asking for a name change.

hey, how can i gain teh whistle levels, and what it takes to go on each scales

To answer the first question, you need to go to the Faq.
The second question can't be annwered yet.

this is gay

this is good. specially for noobs. like noodleboy. ***little criticzing here***: your user pic could be alot better. the sprite moves back and fourth and there is a little white dot on one of the frames. i would be happeh to help.

I generally don't mind, the flash document had the quality set to high, so it'll do that. You can fix it if you want.